"A master of the form" - Hugo Vogel



Like every good story, this one starts with a broken heart.

Unlike others, it includes a con man, a demon and an imposter who took my place...

"She has a natural gift for performing, a formidable singing voice and as a songwriter and lyricist the potential to become a world class artist." - Ron Saint Germain (producer for Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin...)

#1 Album & Song of 2019
- Hugo Vogel, altcountry.nl

"It's music to drink to." - If It's Too Loud

"Desert Message has some of Molina’s moody tension and emotional depth, although with the exception of the crashing, insistent Ohio River, the tone is lighter and gentler. Valley’s thoughtful alto and somber songs recall Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, and Cat Power, but Valley and Brenner’s guitars root Desert Message explicitly in Americana..." - Steve Klinge, Philadelphia Inquirer

Heather Valley is a former lawyer who lost everything following a star-crossed romance with a con man. In recovering from that trauma, she discovered her voice and dedicated her life to music. 

Her debut album, "Desert Message" was named the Best Album of 2019 by altcountry.nl and "Ohio River" was named Best Song of 2019. Her music has charted nationally in Canada and been reviewed positively in the Philadelphia Inquirer.


“When I tell the story, I leave out how I loved you. When I tell the story, I leave out how I love you.”

- Lovejoy, Desert Message

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Hamilton, Ontario

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