Heather Valley is a singer-songwriter with a soothing, haunting sound. Her music is a blend of Americana, indie rock and dreamfolk. 


Her songs describe an otherworld of heartbreak, a mysterious universe whose landscape is carved by lost love and longing. They conjure first and last lights, drunken afternoons, warm suns, dull edges and fleeting memories. They are about timelessness, loneliness and eternity. She paints big skies, heavy clouds and clear horizons, unending roads, con men and grifters, lovers and ghosts, promises and dreams, lies, restlessness, horses, decaying cities and barren ranges. 


Her major influences are Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia & Magnolia Electric Co.), Cat Power, Gillian Welch, Julie Doiron, Mount Eerie, Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. 


She has released two singles, Lovejoy and American Paint, available on all platforms. 

Her full-length album featuring Mike "Slo Mo" Brenner is being recorded at Canadian Daydream in Kitchener.